Safeguarding Children

The wellbeing of children is at the heart of Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC). The approach uses eight areas of wellbeing in which children need to progress in order to do well now and in the future.

The eight indicators of wellbeing –

  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • Achieving
  • Nurtured
  • Active
  • Respected
  • Responsible
  • Included

These are the basic requirements for all children to grow and develop and reach their full potential.

Our individual care plans ensure a cohesive step by step approach to making informed decisions on strategies to support children. Multi-agency advice will be sought in line with the care plan stage.
All our staff are required to undertake first aid and child protection training.


We encourage regular attendance at Lillies Kindergarten. If however your child is unwell or cannot attend, please inform staff either by phone or email by 8.30am.

If you do not contact staff, we are required to contact you. If we cannot contact you, our absence policy states we must contact your listed emergency contacts.

Please see our Unexplained Absence policy for full details.

Adverse Weather

At Lillies Kindergarten we employ an adverse weather policy to guarantee we are ready to respond to all weather conditions.


The decision to close the nursery due to high snow fall will be made by the management, based on the safety of the children, their parents and the staff. In the event of heavy snow falling, or being forecast to fall whilst the nursery is open, parents will be contacted via email or by phone.

If heavy snow is threatened for a day when the nursery should be open, the management will make the decision as to whether or not to open the premises.


Should a serious flood occur, the emergency flood procedure will be followed to ensure the safety and continuity of care for all children and staff.

In the event of the nursery having to close due to extreme weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control, the nursery regrettably is not able to refund fees or offer alternative day.

Heat wave

During extremely hot days the staff will follow our Sun Care Policy and Procedure.