We have put together some housekeeping notes for you on issues such as arrival and leaving, attendance and car parking arrangements.

Arrival & Leaving

On arrival at Lillies Kindergarten each child will be given a warm welcome. Parents are requested to pass the care of their child to a specific member of staff, who will ensure their safety, and that their attendance is recorded in the register. We will ensure that under no circumstances a child be allowed to leave the kindergarten, unless accompanied by a previously identified and authorised person. When leaving, please ensure a member of staff has acknowledged the departure of your child.


We encourage regular attendance at Lillies Kindergarten. If however, your child is unwell or cannot attend, we ask you to please inform staff, either by phone or email by 8.30am. If you do not contact staff, we are required to contact you. If we cannot contact you, our absence policy states we must contact your listed emergency contacts. Please ask to see our Unexplained Absence Policy for full details.

Car parking

At The Brighter Horizons Centre there is plenty of parking space in the adjacent streets, and although we do not have any dedicated car parking space, you should not have any issue parking fairly close to drop off or collect your children.

Please drive slowly and safely around the entrance to Lillies Kindergarten and please show courtesy when parking. Please do not block any car and thereby prevent other parents or neighbours from getting off to work on time.

Please help road safety at Lillies Kindergarten by:

The safety of the children will take the highest priority at all times